Big Data In Retail

Adventure of Big Data Analytics in Retail

Retailers are getting wiser, and many owe their ascension up the knowledge tree to the information explosion. They know more about the consumer than ever. Where they live. What they’ve purchased in the past. What they’re ... Read More

Big Data Case Studies

6 Insightful Case Studies on Big Data Analytics

There’s tremendous buzz and hype behind big data analytics. How much of it is legit? Quite a bit, actually. While the industry is laden with marketing gimmicks, it also offers plenty of genuine opportunities. We’ve assembled ... Read More

Big Data Startups By Storm

5 Startups Taking Big Data Analytics By Storm

If it’s one thing we’ve learned about technology, it’s that startups are some of the most promising players in the game. Google. Facebook. Twitter. All are examples of companies that went from startup to global superpower ... Read More

Big Data Events

6 of the Biggest Events in Big Data Analytics

You know any industry has made it big when there are conferences, expos, and other events dedicated to its existence. That’s where we’re at with big data analytics. There are currently enough events built around this ... Read More

Must See Big Data Videos

5 Must-See Videos on Big Data and Analytics

The big data craze has taken the world by storm – especially the enormous section occupied by the web. From the Blogosphere to the social media space, experts can’t say enough about the phenomenon that is ... Read More

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