Must See Big Data Videos

5 Must-See Videos on Big Data and Analytics

The big data craze has taken the world by storm – especially the enormous section occupied by the web. From the Blogosphere to the social media space, experts can’t say enough about the phenomenon that is revolutionizing data management in the most unlikely of industries. Many of the articles and blog posts are insightful, but we’re finding that some of the best resources on the subject are packaged in videos. You know what they say about video – it’s the most engaging medium around!

We’ve talked long enough. Here are some big data analytics videos you need to watch right now!

1. Big Data Analytics  >

Presented by EMC Academic Alliance, the aptly named Big Data Analytics is a video presentation that covers the ins and outs of the trend. David Dietrich of EMC’s educational services arm talks about some of the specific technology behind it, the opportunities, and the pitfalls. This 42-minute video is a nice introduction to the world of big data analytics.

2. Big Business: Unlocking Value from Big Data with Analytics

One of big data’s biggest goals is unlocking the value that lies behind the information on servers, censors, and smartphones. That is the focus of Big Business: Unlocking Value from Big Data with Analytics. The Standford Graduate School of Business assembled a panel of data experts from some of the most powerful names in technology to discuss the matter.

3. Big Data Analytics: 11 Case Histories and Success Stories

Big data isn’t perfect, but it certainly works. Proof of it can be found in case studies and success stories like what Patrick Schwerdfeger talks about here. Short, but insightful, this video serves its purpose well.

4. The Modern Data Architecture for Big Data Analytics with SAS and the Hortonworks

One of the biggest challenges of big data analytics is creating the right architecture and then managing it. In this video, two of the industry’s heaviest hitters discuss this challenges while revealing how their respective solutions help overcome the burden. This may come off as some tooting of the horn by SAS and Hortonworks, but it’s one of the better video presentations out there.

5. Big Data & Analytics 101: Getting Started with Predictive Marketing

Finally, this last video examines the marketing opportunities big data analytics uncovers. Cloud Analytics took one of the presentations from its Smarter Marketing Webinar Series and shared it a comprehensive video format for the YouTube audience. A look at the real challenges organizations are facing and case studies that highlight customer engagement benefits illustrate some compelling reasons to start planning for your own moves.

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