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6 Insightful Case Studies on Big Data Analytics

There’s tremendous buzz and hype behind big data analytics. How much of it is legit? Quite a bit, actually. While the industry is laden with marketing gimmicks, it also offers plenty of genuine opportunities. We’ve assembled these big data analytics case studies to give you a clearer understanding of the value at hand.

1. AutoTrader Validates BigQuery

Known by most as the king of search technology, Google has its hands in a little of everything. Therefore, we were not surprised to learn that the company entered the big data arena with its web-based analytical platform BigQuery. AutoTrader used BigQuery to illustrate the speed and efficiency of big data analytics. Test results revealed that the platform queried and visualized roughly 750 million rows of data in under 10 seconds. In the end, AutoTrader was able to conclude that BigQuery – a free big data tool, is ideal for small businesses and others with limited budgets.

2. Jabil Circuit Closes the Deal with Data

Jabil Circuit has been in electronics manufacturing and supply chain management for nearly 50 years. The St. Petersburg-based firm learned that some traditions are better retired when realizing that reporting via spreadsheets was no longer delivering the insights needed to accommodate its rapid growth. Jabil Circuit turned to big data giant IBM to customize a suite of analytical tools that made data easier to collect, manage, and analyze. In identifying key trends and other customer insights, the firm was able to reduce the closing capabilities of its financial department by 50 percent.

3. comScore Builds Statistical Success on Big Data

comScore provides statistics and insights on various digital markets. The firm collects over 20 terabytes of new data everyday from both the mobile and desktop internet. It’s a data-driven business built around serving up intelligence for consumption. comScore thrives in this arena by leveraging MapR, one of the most popular Hadoop distributions. MapR enables the firm to consistently process more than 1.7 trillion internet and mobile events per month. This platform provides the scalability, performance, and availability needed to deliver the insights audiences across several markets rely on.

4. IRS Sets Analytics Standard for U.S. Government

The IRS not only collects trillions in tax revenue – it generates serious scores of data. With over 1 petabyte of information to manage, the agency has one of the largest data warehouses of any branch in the U.S. government. These guys have swarms of digital data to deal with, in addition to mountains of historical information, so number crunching is only one of many challenges. In 1996, the IRS became one of the first government agencies to adopt a big data system. It still uses SAP solutions to streamline storage, improve access to data, and extract value with methods such as predictive modeling.

5. Swiss Colony Improves Customer Experience

The Swiss Colony started out doing retail via mail order, but has been highly successful in its transition to e-commerce. In the case of this retail veteran, success turned out to be bittersweet because growth resulted in a plethora of new data-related challenges. To address these problems, the company deployed Pentaho’s OpenBI, a powerful web-based business intelligence platform. After plugging nearly 400 GB worth of e-commerce data into the system, the Swiss Colony benefited from extensive data mining capabilities, intuitive reporting, and the ability to provide fast, responsive customer support.

6. Constant Contact Adds Cassandra For Beefier Marketing Prowess

Constant Contact combines email, social, and numerous online tools into an integrated digital marketing platform designed to help small businesses connect with their audiences. In effort to provide an even better value to its customers, the firm aimed to deliver new data-driven services that would enable to them gain a competitive edge in cost effective fashion. Constant Contact turned to DataStax Enterprise for the answer. Thanks to its Apache Cassandra platform, DataStax helped the company deliver these services with improved performance, scalability, and millions in cost savings enjoyed. .

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