Seeing is Believing: 7 Insightful Big Data Analytics Infographics

Big data has captivated a worldwide audience of business leasers, analysts, and data enthusiasts. While the number crunching aspect is a big part of the appeal, visualization is often what makes the output comprehensible enough to put into action. Speaking of which, visualization is the driving force behind the infographic phenomenon taking the content marketing world by storm. Visualization helps drive home the points presented in these infographics on big data analytics.

1. Analytics and Big Data

Tech giants like Oracle firmly believe data is key in addressing many of the world’s toughest challenges. In Analytics and Big Data, the Redwood City-based company explores how the pair is ubeing used to boost productivity, increase profits, and save lives. In terms of ROI, this set of data found that organizations get back $10.66 for every $1 they spend on analytics.

2. The Power of Predictive Analytics

One of the strongest suits of analytics is its ability to anticipate a variety of specific actions – hence the birth of predictive analytics. The Power of Predictive Analtyics highlights five usage cases from Amazon, Netflix, OKCupid, Pandora, and Twitter, all leaders in their respective markets.

3. The Analytics Big Bang

Predictive analtyics is just starting to catch fire in the modern data realm, but according to this infographic, its origins date back much further. The Analytics Big Bang takes a look at the history of predictive analytics and where it’s headed in the future. Aiding in personalized marketing campaigns, preventing car accidents, and stopping crime are some of the areas highlighted as being primed for prediction-based analysis technology.

4. Putting Big Data to Work

Putting Big Data to Work

One of the more creative infographics on this topic shows what can happen when analytics is put into action. Put together by IBM’s Creative Curiosity Shop, Putting Big Data Work is constructed in the form of a comic book that shows big data analytics being used in various industry environments. From supply chain management to customer service, we see it fueling critical decision making across the industrial board.

5. The Retailers Guide to Big Data

Big data analytics offers big opportunities to companies in the retail sector. In The Retailer’s Guide to Big Data, we get a comprehensive look at both the potential and challenges of big data in retail. This infographic serves up some very interesting stats, including numbers suggesting that big data started to offer real value once mobile and social media exploded into popularity.

6. Big Data Challenges

We’ve said it before: big data analytics isn’t all sunshine, rainbows, peaches, and crèam. Big Data Challenges breaks down ten of the biggest roadblocks facing organizations today. From providing secure company-wide access to deciding what to actually do with the insights, we learn about some things practitioners can’t afford to overlook.

7. The Impact of Big Data on Data Analytics

Big data and analytics go hand in hand. The infographic The Impact of Big Data on Data Analtyics sheds light on this fruitful, yet complex relationship. Drivers, challenges, and benefits are the focus of this worldwide research effort conducted by ESG Global.

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